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Our clients work on a large-scale projects, this means involve in their supply chain several Vendor located in different country all-over the world.

In this scenario, have a clear and indipendent picture of supply and supplier could reduce significatevly impact schedule and waste of money.

Optimization of all supply steps through:

  • Vendor Expediting  -> Dedicated figure egaged to visit Vendors and speed up the process.

  • Internal Desk Expediting -> Providing skilled and experinced profiles to be inserted in our client team.

  • Lead Auditor -> our Lead Auditors are able to make a clear supplier evaluation and help clients with the qualification process.

Main Benefits:

  • Money Savings

  • Time Savings

  • Supplier and sub-Supplier's monitoring

  • Expediting of manufacturing process

  • Recovery plan evaluation, implementation and follow up

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