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About us

Your Quality Assured -  CM Inspection work to make it real!

As a trusted and reliable partner, we ensure the quality and safety of our clients’ projects, through a strict cooperation and customed service.


Our clients work on a large-scale project with extended supply chain, CM's team is able to adapt the process to reach client requirements, keeping the focus on high quality service level.

One of the strengths is a world-wide extended network, through high-quality profiles, qualified according to main international standard (ASME - ASTN - ISO - EN - PED - FROSIO - NACE - CSWIP - ATEX - ICORR etc...).


Our team work to guarantee the quality of the process in different fields and help our clients to have a clear picture on each supply avoiding costs and impacts schedules.


We offer a wide range of services in expediting, vendor inspection, field operation inspection, skilled manpower supply.


  •  Understand client requirements, needs and priorities

  • Provide customized service

  • Ensure proper acknowledgment of the assignments

  • Proactive attitude for problem solving


  • Create a personalized service based on specific client needs

  • Energy world is changing and we want drive our client through the transition.

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